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Silicone Cups - Cupcake Liners

It’s time to give a little trigger to your taste buds. Make some delicious cupcakes. SiliconeCups.com is the site that provides you with beautiful cupcake liners made up of silicone. These cupcake silicone cups are reusable baking cups. These silicone cups are made with great care and effort to keep your cupcakes safe in freezer or even in microwave oven. Make fairy pastries with these cupcake liners that even satisfy as cupcake wrappers.

These cupcake cups that are made of silicone for your special cupcakes serve as cupcake decorations as well. It is much easier to have your cupcake from this cupcake wrapper. These silicone cupcake liners are available here at  SiliconeCups.com in two different sizes. You could find medium and large sizes. They come in wide range of colors. Cupcake liners can be bought in wholesale for a great price where you get these cupcake decorations in so many assorted colors.

Why you should buy silicone cupcake liners

Silicone CupcakeThe silicone liners give your extra special cupcakes, amazing and admirable lines. These cupcake decorations can be used any number of times with proper maintenance. They come with good properties. The silicone used in making these cupcakes is food-grade silicone. These cupcakes are resistant to stains and are even odor free. They are made in such way that they will be safe in microwave oven and freezer keeping your cupcakes safe as well.

These cups come in a range of colors that include orange, red, green, pink, purple, blue, yellow and white too. These cups are in two sizes, medium which will be 7 cms at the top end and large that is of 8 cms at the top end. They are non stick and are also reusable. There is no more need of a muffin tin. The cakes come out evenly after being cooked. They have better performance compared to that of the normal paper wrappers. They help to provide you with shapes that normal wrappers do not give.

Cupcake Silicone Cups Features

Silicone Cups

Easy cupcake recipe

So, what is left? Prepare your delicious cupcakes soon. How do you make simple cupcakes with these cupcake cups? Here is what you need: 125g each of softened butter, self raising flour and caster sugar, pinch of salt, 2 medium sized eggs, 2 tablespoons of milk and of course the cupcake liners. Make sure that your oven is switched on at about 190 degree centigrade. Now start your preparation. Add all the ingredients namely, butter, sugar and flour into a bowl. The butter is at room temperature. Add a pinch of salt and the 2 medium sized eggs which need to be followed by 2 tablespoons of milk. Now, beat the mixture up to get a proportionate mixture. Use an ice cream scoop for adding the mixture into yourSilicone Cupcake reusable baking cups. Do it carefully and place them in your oven. Set the time as 15 to 18 minutes. Once they are done, serve them with your colorful cupcake cups.

So, start making your delicious cupcakes or muffins right away. Call us immediately to place your orders. Buy these silicone cupcake cups in assorted colors in wholesale for an affordable  price.

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